Xxi) Not Understanding That Risk And Confidence/Courage Are Linked

Handling risk is linked with confidence and courage. Confidence is the outcome of our thoughts and actions, and courage is based on a belief in our ability to do things.

Confidence is like a muscle that needs continual exercising.

Some ways to improve your confidence levels include
- take a stand (need to understand what is right, fair or important. This can mean making unpopular or hard decisions. When you take a stand, you gain more respect and this builds confidence)
- be authentic (many people in large organisations learn to hide their emotions and vulnerabilities. To be truly confident over a sustained period needs to be built from the inside out. Faking it, hiding behind "walls/barriers" or pretending that you have confidence can be exhausting. Have the courage to be yourself and to be valued on the basis of who you really are.)
- challenge yourself (be prepared to face your fears and take some risks.

"...you need to get out of your comfort zone and ask "if what got me here won't get me there, what do I need to do now to step up?..."
Michelle Sales 2019-20

It is best to take a gradual approach to build your confidence rather than "plunge in the deep end". With each step, your confidence will grow and prepare you for the next step.)
- seek support (it is important to have the right people around you who provide honest feedback and give you a boost when needed)
- keep improving (we all make mistakes. We need to acknowledge them and learn from them; then move on. Regularly reflect and assess your confidence levels, especially in different environments)

NB Most successful people regularly asked themselves:

"...What is the worst that could happen?..."
Michelle Sales 2019-20

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