· There is much discussion about diet, exercise, sleep, light, etc in the 24/7 world. At times there is a need to hit the pause button and refocus. Meditation allows this to happen

· Meditation is not about a religion; it is more about spirituality; to find a balance and clarity in your thinking; clarity in your life. It can help create resilience and there is some evidence that helps cure diseases

· The best way to meditate

" sitting up. If you lie down you tend to fall asleep, and your posture is incredibly important with meditation, having a straight back and having your palms upwards. It's an open posture so your muscles aren't engaged because the idea of meditation is to relax, so as you relax the body, you relax the the more relaxed your body is, the easier it is to quiet the mind..."

Tami Roos as quoted by Lucille Keane et al, 2014

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