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"...The only thing more important than sleep is air and cannot live very long without sleep..."
Ying-Hui Fu as quoted by Stacy Burling 2019

When do you know if you've had enough sleep?

Some people claim that they are short sleepers, ie get 6 hours or less of sleep a night while the recommended length is 7 plus hours. Some research has found that mutations on 5 genes can change our need to sleep (Ying-Hui Fu).

It is thought that there could be different amounts of sleep required to handle fatigue, flightiness, etc compared with more serious medical problems like cardiovascular, metabolic, mood, immune system, cognitive, etc.

The quality of sleep may be more important than quantity, ie

"...On average, people wake so briefly that they aren't even aware of it about 6 times an hour. High sleep fragmentation, 9 to 10 awakenings an hour, is strongly associated with dementia..."
Andrew Lim as quoted by Stacy Burling 2019

It may matter when you lose sleep, ie the earlier in life you lose sleep, the more it can become a problem.

Some ways to improve your sleep patterns (main source: Michael Mosley, 2021):

- regular exercise

- healthy eating, eg keep away from processed foods and increase the uptake of unprocessed food, eg fruit (kiwifruit, etc) and vegetables (lentils, beans, chickpea, etc)

- hot bath/shower around 1 hour before bedtime

- probiotic drinks

- bedroom temperature around 17°C

- no Internet or TV before sleep

- light reading

- reduce caffeine intake

- don't use digital devices before bedtime

- make sure your bedroom is dark

- don't drink alcohol before bedtime

- gradually move your bedtime earlier

Also, the brain learns by replaying experiences during sleep; this helped formulate general principles.

NB Sleep is a transformative experience as it reduces the risk of a broad range of health problems ranging from depression to colds and flu, heart conditions, cancer, etc

It reduces the levels of cortisol in our bodies and increases the sleep hormone, melatonin (natural antioxidant)
"...In short, to improve your appearance and your health, go for 8 hours of rest..."
Rubin Naiman as quoted by Helen Hawkes, 2017

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