"... Patients generally get much more benefit from making life style changes that prevent disease, rather than taking a tablet to treat it..."
Duncan Carmichael 2018

Opinions have changed on what causes healthy status and how we can slow it down, ie
- sugar and refined carbohydrates, not saturated fats, that are strongly linked to obesity
- anti-oxidants (usually consumed as Vitamin C or Vitamin E pills) are not as healthy as first thought. Initially it was thought that our cells were damaged by free radicals and antioxidants attacked these free radicals, and thus protecting us. Yet our body has its own powerful anti-oxidant system call SOD (super oxide dismutase) which is suppressed if swallowing antioxidants. Daily exercise stimulates SOD to produce powerful antioxidants.

"...exercise reduces stress, stimulates brain growth, cuts the risk of diabetes and heart attacks, and maintains healthy muscles and nerves - all of which are essential for longevity..."
Duncan Carmichael 2018

Studies of people who live to 100 have found that many centenarians have special longevity genes (gerontogenes).
"...many of us will already have them. The human body contains about 20,000 genes, most which - unless needed - lie dormant. Switching on whatever longevity genes we already have is merely a case of living healthily. If we exercise each day, and cut out sugar and starch, then we will activate them. If we lie on the sofa all day tomorrow, and eat pizza and chips, then we will likely turn them off..."
Duncan Carmichael 2018

Also, stress can switch off our healthy genes

NBĀ  The body has many ways of letting you know what your health status is

"...Just listen to your body......your body will let you know..."
Ying-Hui Fu as quoted by Stacy Burling 2019


Health and well-being are linked with the number of relationships, ie social interaction a person has. The more social interactions, the healthier people are. Research (University of Texas Medical School) has shown the mortality rates from open-heart surgery are increased (from 5% to 25%) if people don't regularly participate in social groups like family, friends, clubs, social groups, etc; similar evidence on people's susceptibility to colds correlates with levels of social interaction (Charmian Evans 2019)


Being able to express your emotions, manage them, is beneficial to your health.

Expressing your emotions can vary from the primal scream therapy and crying therapy like Japanese "rui-katsu" to "Stiff upper lip" (where emotions are suppressed in public).

Crying (psychogenic lacrimations) is a complex emotional response that is innate to humans. Baby cries are not normally lubricated with tears. Later in childhood, tears are added. There are 3 types of tears
i) continuous tears that stop the eyes drying up
ii) reflex tears that are caused by irritants like smoke
iii) emotional tears that are triggered by feelings and stimuli such as sadness, frustration, anger, relief, beauty, etc.

Emotional tears are different chemically from the other types of tears. In addition to the enzymes, lipids, metabolites and electrolytes in all tears, emotional tears contain more protein.
"...this makes them more viscous, so that they stick to the skin and run down the cheeks slowly making them more visible to others..."
Nick Harding 2018

In most cultures, adult crying is perceived differently from baby crying. Generally adults perceive crying as a form of emotional blackmail and manipulation, ie
"...people who see someone crying also feel an expectation to do something..."
Nick Harding 2018

NB There is a link between crying and laughter as both originate in the same area of the brain.

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