ASMR (tone of voice)

An example of the importance of your tone of voice is ASMR (autonomous sensory median response). This is linked with a pleasurable reaction to sights and sounds. The latter is usually soft, gentle whispers. The voice is generally calm but authoritative, like a mother or a teacher.

"...devotees of ASMR......say that certain sound and images......give them a tingly, pleasurable feeling that begins in the back of the head and travels down the body..."
Lauren Sams 2019

"...the like the frisson you might experience when you hear a spine-tingling aria, or the relaxing sensation of a gentle massage..."
Dmitri as quoted by Lauren Sams 2019

Some research indicates
"...The majority of viewers of ASMR videos watch them to relax, deal with stress and fall asleep......showed that the effects of ASMR are real......watching ASMR videos increased positive feelings in those that had previously experienced it, and that ASMR is associated with reduced heart rate and increased skin sensitivity levels..."
Lauren Sams 2019

Already corporations are using ASMR successfully in their advertising. Two examples,
- US beer company (Michelob) at the US Superbowl (January 2019)
- IKEA with a 25 minutes commercial that went viral; sales increased by 4.5% in the store and 5.1% online after the campaign, etc.

Using ASMR may be a good way to help when communicating the change process.

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