Handling Internet Monopolies

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With the aim to achieve "net neutrality" to reduce industry concentration, spurred innovation, decrease prices and increase competition. In USA the past anti-trust legislation has been aimed at monopolies like Rockefeller's Standard Oil in the early 20th century; with Standard Oil broken up into 34 parts. Another example: AT&T (1984) was broken into the "Baby Bells". Yet IBM (1969) and Microsoft (1998) escaped relatively unscathed in their clashes with the authorities on their monopoly positions. Already the Internet giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc have clashed with regulators about their dominance in their respective marketplaces. For example, Google received an anti-trust fine from the European Union and was ordered to change the way it handles search and web browser apps on Android mobile devices.

NB Google's owner Alphabet earned the same amount of money as this penalty in 16 days in 2017 (Paresh Dave, 2018)

The EU found that Google had illegally boosted its dominance in the mobile business since 2011 by forcing Android device makers to pre-install Google Search and its Chrome browser, Google Play App Store; blocking them from using modified versions of Android.

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