Social Gambling, Media Violence, etc

(some negatives of social media cont.)

Social gambling is where people gamble online for no financial prizes but can be charged minimal amounts for upgrades, etc. It is feared that this is a training ground for money gambling, ie a source of future customers. In 2012, gamers spent around US$1.7 billion on online slot machines and virtual poker games. Even though this is a small % of the US$390.5 billion global gaming industry, it is expected to grow. Thus many of the traditional gaming players are becoming actively involved. For example, poker-machine manufacturer Aristocrat Leisure bought social casino game maker Product Madness in late 2012. It is estimated that 3.5+ million play Product Madness slot games like 3D Slots and Hollywood Spins on Facebook. An added concern is the easy access to these sites 24/7

Chasing quick buck - many organisations in social media are funded by venture capitalists who are not about sustainability as they are keen to build something very quick and sell it off to someone else (Fiona Smith, 2015a)

Graphic displays of violence and/or atrocities including murders, executions, beheadings, accidents (vehicles, etc), shootings, etc. The more shocking the scene, the more interest in it, eg goes viral on the Internet. On the other hand, there is some research ( Texas A&M International University, 2008) which found that there was no evidence to suggest that exposure to media violence leads to violence in the viewer

Instant celebrity status that many people are unable to handle. In ancient times a person's role in life would be assigned at birth and only a few could escape this destiny; in recent times there is a possibility of self-advancement through innate talent. There is an abiding myth that anyone can become a star with the right combination of talent, looks and luck. The rise of social media platforms like YouTube have created a channel that via which would-be "stars" can reach a global audience instantaneously: this was previously unimaginable. The flip side of this opportunity is that sudden stardom can lead to unanticipated unhappiness and tragedy.

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