Disrupting Entire Organisation


Increasing power, inter-linkages & scope of systems increases the chance of disrupting an entire organisation rather than just one system

White House Twitter hoax (April 23, 2013) - a hacked Twitter account of Associated Press falsely reported 2 explosions at the White House and that Pres. Barack Obama had been injured. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 150 points. This wiped US $136.5b from the US Equity market in 3 minutes

NotPetya ransomware (June 2017) (fraudulent software update on the popular Ukrainian accounting software package. The entire network of shipping giant Maersk was infected. As a result, it had to replace 45,000 PCs, 4,000 servers and 2,500 applications at a estimated cost of around US$ 300 m. (Emma Connors, 2018)

WannaCry ransomware (May 2017) (spread to 150 countries, paralysing industries from healthcare to hospitality) (Emma Connors, 2018)


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