Xxvii) Need To Understand What Is Behind "Bullshit"

In addition to general conversation, bullshit can be found in advertising, marketing, public relations and politics
"...yet the boundaries of what is and isn't bullshit, how it is used and to what purpose, are more unclear than they should be for such a widely used term..."
Pat Commins, 2019

A bullshitter disregards what is true or false, ie the truth. Thus he is not necessarily a liar, if he is not familiar with the truth!!!!

A definitive theory of bullshit, ie
"...the concept of bull, and in particular the concept of friends in together to "shoot the bull" in a so-called "bull session"......the typical topics of a bull session......have to do with a personal and emotion-laden aspects of life, such as politics, religion or sex. People are generally reluctant to speak altogether openly about these topics if they expect that they might be taken too seriously......what tends to go on in a bull session is that the participants try out various thoughts and attitudes in order to see how it feels to hear themselves saying such things and in order to discover how others respond, without it being assumed that they are committed to what they say......the statements people make do not necessarily reveal what they really believe or how they really feel..."
Harry Frankfurt as quoted by Patrick Cummins 2019

Bullshitting is a way to explore other people's reactions to sensitive issues.

In Australia, marketing and advertising's wildly exaggerated claims about a product or service are acceptable, if no one could possibly take them seriously. On the other hand, it is illegal to make statements that are incorrect and/or are likely to create a false impression. For example, a restaurant claiming that it has the best burgers in the world is acceptable, but an Internet company claiming its services are faster than they actually are is not acceptable.

Difference between bullshitter and liar is
"...whereas the liar knows but seeks to hide the truth, the bullshitter is indifferent to the truth and rather only cares whether or not their listener is persuaded; they use every trick to achieve that aim..."
Michael Easson, 2020

People have their own version of the truth and reality.

Our cognitive bias can determine our realities. Heuristic cognitive biases are
"...essentially mental shortcuts that allow quick judgements and are built on inbuilt biases and assumed knowledge..."
Russell Skelton as quoted by Patrick Cummins 2019

Don't forget that many lies are told with a malicious intent to trick and deceive, so we need to determine someone's intent!!!!

Linked with truth are facts, ie
"...a fact is something where there is an absence of contradiction..."
Martin Luther King as quoted by Patrick Cummins 2019

Need to be careful when debate becomes untethered from a solid grasp of reality and the facts are questioned.

Awareness of our own prejudice and self-interest is vital. The latter makes people more readily listen to messages that are in agreement with their point of view, irrespective of the truth.

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