Ten Major Trends in Agriculture

1. Costs and risk aspects of climate change & impact of carbon tax

2. The cost & scarcity of water

3. The declining competitiveness of the Australian agri-food sector, eg it costs around 2.4 times to slaughter and process a cow in Australia c.f. USA

4. The shift in value along the supply chain

5. Corporatised farming and foreign ownership

6. Market access & biosecurity

7. Social values & accountability (largely driven by social media)

8. Growing global demand for food

9. Threats to the agriculture supply base

10. Technology

(source: Andrew Cornell, 2013b)

"...to really make money in any agribusiness you need to be able to read cycles......you need to read them first and then to ride them..."
Warren Randall as quoted by Max Allen, 2017/2018


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