Indicators of peaking on S-curve

Some key indicators (12) of a product/service/organisation, etc already peaking on the S-curve are if the organisation

i) is not accepting new appropriate technological change(s)

ii) has preference for cosmetic changes rather than technological, eg changing colour of product

iii) becomes a maintainer of status quo and/or buying innovation rather than innovating themselves

iv) becomes a buyer of competitors, products/services, staff, etc

v) becomes more bureaucratic (more about controlling, less flexible with more rules, regulation, increasing red tape, etc)

vi) becomes more silo focused with more specialisation, departmentalised, segmented, etc

vii) abuses their market power, eg anti-trust charges, etc

viii) becomes more complacent, ie satisfied with status quo

ix) one more players dominate the industry or market

x) implements significant staff lay-offs

xi) starts selling assets

xii) is written up as a successful product/service or organisation.


"... Even something that has had a long-term success is only a knife edge away from failure..."

Steven Lowry as quoted by Jemima Whyte 2015

Some additional comments on the above indicators

Buying competitor or products/services/staff, etc from other innovative, successful organisations for market share, revenue, etc rather than innovating themselves like Apple's iTune buying Beats to keep its position in music industry and Microsoft buying Nokia to get into the mobile phone business, etc

Steven Lowry as quoted by Jemima Whyte, 2015

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