Creative chaos

The idea of chaos is unthinkable for traditional managers who prefer control, power and efficiency . Linked with creative chaos is focus on desired outcomes and this juxtaposition allows freedom within limits (including real world priorities). At 3M, senior management must achieve 40% of their sales from products that are less than four years old. The focus is clear but the means to achieve it involves using creative chaos

"...How to introduce creative chaos:

- regularly scan unrelated industries, categories and businesses for new ideas

- shortcut the usual approval process by offering $10,000 to the owner of any new idea that meets predetermined criteria and can be implemented

- for every new situation, ask for 3 separate responses: business as usual, different and radical

- meaningfully engage with the young recently appointed and/or those who have just changed their roles/functions within the organisation

- challenge any practice, product or process more than three years old

- cut by half time allowed to test a product

- task your advertising agency for 5 new product ideas every quarter

- place completely different departments together, such as marketing and finance..."

Ken Hudson, 2001

Need to be careful of the " illusion of creativity ", ie this occurs when an employee takes the view that his/ideas are more important in the corporate brief. This is the type of person who says

"...I do what I do and if people don't like it they can basically get stuffed..."

Joanna Maxwell, 2004

It is better to work from the marketplace backwards ( reverse creativity ), ie find a way of creatively handling needs

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