Conformity is the Enemy of Creativity

"...traditional organisational notions favored by management, such as teamwork, shared values and backing the company vision. All of these notions have strong overtones of conformity. Conforming employees make it easier for managers to control the corporate environment. If everyone is thinking the same way, pulling in the same direction, management is easy. In part, this managerial preference is driven by a fear of conflict. ... conflict, in the sense of opposition of ideas, is actually the basis of innovation.....conformity cannot encourage innovation or creativity......because people who are doing ' what one does' are not doing anything interesting, and so you get a certain amount of sameness..."

Carol Steiner as quoted by Harry Onsman, 2004a

"...The best creative people ... either through vagueness or stubbornness, just pushed through, posing the questions that might sound dumb ‐ the kind that people are too afraid to ask. But these are the questions that easily change the way we think and look at things. Ignorance and naivety can be liberating..."

David Droga (Creative Chairman, Drogas) as quoted by Janne Ryan, 2008

Most people work in a conforming and conventional way so that their work is acceptable to their peers and colleagues, eg an accountant is encouraged to conform as an accountant and not to think for himself; similarly for a scientist and other professionals. All this works against being creative

(sources: Harry Onsman, 2004a; Stephen Giugni, 2006; Lyndall Crisp, 2007; Janne Ryan, 2008)

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