Signalling Theory

This involves understanding human instinct for status seeking. Recent research (Patrick Durkin, 2009) has identified 6 central traits that apply to individuals seeking status:

i. general intelligence (consumers becoming more skeptical)

ii. openness to experience (conspicuous consumption vs. savings)

iii. consciousness (conscious people plan for the future, honour their promises, relationships, study and work hard)

iv. agreeableness (doing or saying things that are acceptable to your peer group)

v. extraversion (relies upon companionship and contact with other people)

vi. emotional stability (does not follow fads)

Traits ii to vi are personality traits and are a

"...very powerful way to talk about people in terms of different personalities, interests and tendencies and along with general intelligence seem to capture a lot of variation between people which is relevant consumer choice..."

Geoffrey Miller as quoted by Patrick Durkin, 2009

(source: Patrick Durkin, 2009)


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