Some Themes in Customer Management

· · The only way to command and maintain the loyalty of customers is to create relationships with them based on superlative service, trust, quality and responsiveness

· · Customers are moving targets governed by competition, fashions and trends, market infrastructure and strategic relationships

· · Market creation is more important than market share, ie aim for a piece of the action and not somebody else's action, as the market share is limited and hotly disputed

· · Should aim to handle the future needs of your customers

· · The market-driven approach operates on the dialogue between you and the customer, with service and products adjusted, based on the findings of the dialogue

· · Using predictions based on past performance is very dangerous as the future is becoming less and less like the past with the explosion in technology. Furthermore, past successes do not guarantee success in the future

· · Importance of qualitative research rather than the quantitative, ie people versus numbers

· · Marketing is everyone's job, not just a marketing department's role

· · The rise of the importance of the Internet and associated technologies (mobile phones) has put the power more in the customer's corner in marketing.


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