500 successful people

3. An Internet survey of 500 successful people - the common elements of their success was based upon the following

- being passionate about what they are doing;

- working hard and having fun at work;

- practicing to become very good at the work;

- having focus;

- push both mentally and physically (it is of interest to note that most successful people have a "pushy mother");

- having resilience to handle self-doubt;

- being persistent enough to handle failure;

- work is related to a cause and adds value;

- being prepared to listen, ask questions, observe, be curious, good at problem solving and making connections;

- being receptive to ideas.

. The 3 circles approach, ie outermost circle "what", middle one "how"& innermost circle "why", ie

- what refers to "what do you do?", ie produce excellent products & services

- how refers to what are the processes, systems, etc used to produce excellent products & services?

- why refers to "why do we do it?", ie articulating their core values and beliefs

(source: Simon Sinek, 2011)


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