Looking after yourself

. As Manfred Kets de Vries, (2006) recommends, you need to look after yourself by

- engaging in self-reflection (what has happened? what has gone right? what can I improve?)

- remaining intellectually curious (use your imagination and creativity, and keep asking if there are other ways of doing things)

- striving for personal growth (work on your strengths and find ways to improve your weaknesses)

- maintaining meaningful goals and objectives (make them a bit "stretchie" and let your friends know about them so that you will have feel additional pressure to achieve them)

- following your convictions (do what is the right thing to do)

- remaining physically active (keep your regular exercise going)

- balancing work with leisure and pleasure (take holidays regularly and keep your hobbies going)

- having caring and trusting ties with others (stay in contact with friends with whom you can really can talk)

- continually surprise yourself and others (do things that are out of character)

- keep your sense of humour

. Rob Goffee (2008) believes that, in addition to workplace and homes, you need a third place where you can be yourself more. Some women assert that third place is the hairdresser!!!!!!


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