Ways to Prevent Burn-out

Ways to prevent burn-out include

- starting the day with a relaxing ritual

- adopting healthy eating habits

- good and regular sleeping habits

- regular and frequent exercise

- learning to say no to requests of your time

- learning to delegate

- taking regular daily breaks from technology

- engaging in a creative activity outside your work

- find something that you are passionate about and make time for it

"...need to master meditation, exercise and sleep, emotional, cognitive and spiritual health to go beyond surviving the treadmill in life..."

Helen Hawkes, 2015c

Sufferers of burnout need a period of rest to regain the energy and strength to continue working.

A long-term solution requires an understanding of what is causing the burnout in the first place, ie is it work and/or lack of knowledge or skills and/or people around you and/or organisation and/or location?

. The challenge is to combine work and personal commitments while avoiding burnout. This can be done with a pragmatic approach including keeping to strict routines and pre-planning, which can dramatically reduce stress while lifting productivity and performance. Some examples are

- e-mails (a constant flow of e-mails can ramp up damaging stress. Thus the need to prioritise e-mails so that we only handing the most important while deleting or ignoring others)

- exercise (allocate a daily 30 minutes exercise break and treat it like any other important appointment in your diary)

- technology (use smart phones to reduce stress and clear brain space, etc)

- meetings (allocate time for a break between meetings; allocate a time frame to each meeting of one hour - see section on how to make meetings more productive)

- diet (reduce alcohol, caffeine, sugar, saturated fats and chemicals while increasing antioxidants via organic fruit and vegetables) (Helen Hawkes, 2015a)


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