Signs of a person experiencing burn-out

Signs of a person experiencing burnout (Helen Hawkes, 2015c) include

- feeling tired and drained most of the time

- disruption to sleep pattern

- lowered immunity and regularly feeling unwell

- frequent aches/pains (head, back, muscle, etc)

- change in appetite or sleeping habits

- loss of motivation

- increasingly cynical and negative outlook

- decreased satisfaction and/or sense of accomplishment

- sense of failure, helplessness and self-doubt

- feeling helpless, trapped and defeated

- detachment, feeling alone in the world

- using food, drugs and alcohol to cope

- taking out your frustration on others

- skipping work or coming in late and/or leaving early

- withdrawing from responsibilities

- isolating yourself from others

- procrastination, taking longer to get things done

Even though burnout is defined as the incapacitation of a person who is unable to work, there is a more dangerous form, ie walking wounded (those who continue to do their job but at a reduced level of productivity and morale plus start to suffer from health issues)

There are 3 components of burnout, ie

i) emotional exhaustion

ii) cynicism

iii) ineffectiveness



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