Types of difficult directors

Some more types of difficult directors

i) hobbyhorse jockeys (too focused on their own areas of expertise, seem to wear blinkers)
ii) in-over-heads (don't fully understand the challenges of the business)
iii) non-stop talkers (ego or insecurity results in directors talking too much and not moving the conversation forward)
iv) police (view their role as keeping management honest, rather than being supportive)
v) nodders (just go along with things and are prone to group think)
vi) hesitators (fail to speak up in a timely way)
vii) uncommitted (appear to be going through the motions)
viii) hand-grenade throwers (argumentative, hostile and obstructive)
ix) captives of compliance (rules and regulations dominate their approach)
x) egocentrics (build careers around their own egos)


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