Another set of criteria

2. Another Set of Criteria

" an increasingly complex world where we have no idea what will be thrown at us, the best buffer against uncertainty is to be certain of the people around you and figure it out together as you go along..."

Jim Collins as quoted by Rose-Anne Manns, 2007

. According to Jim Collins (2007), there are 6 characteristics for selecting the appropriate people

i) they must fit with your core values - you need to identify people who share your values rather than trying to change them

ii) they are self-managed - they do not need to be tightly supervised but could need guiding, coaching, mentoring, etc

iii) they realise that they have responsibilities - not just a job

iv) they keep their word - "walk the talk"

v) they accept responsibility for their actions and mistakes

vi) they have a passion for the organisation's cause or work

. The real question is

"...who am I going to take the journey with?..."

Jim Collins as quoted by Rose-Anne Manns, 2007


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