There is some evidence that colouring in pictures helps people relax. The act of colouring can change brain behaviour and help people achieve calm and balance. Tests showing
"...patients with "beta" brain wave frequencies - the time associated with physical or mental stress - can be switched to the more restful and positive "alpha" brainwave frequencies by colouring pictures..."
Peter Ker, 2015

This is similar to listening to music or watching your favourite TV program, ie you are not concentrating or focusing too much. It is a great way to de-stress and to clear your mind when you are distracted or need clarity

In mid-2015, one of the bestselling books on Amazon was Secret Garden (an adult's colouring book)

It has been described as a mindful, creative activity with no element of competition or failure.

It is estimated that our brain's current shape is around 150 million years old and operates as such. On the other hand, during the last few decades we have our work environment getting busier and technology changing the way we work, ie 24/7.

Research is showing a relationship between the number of thoughts in your head and how happy you are, ie the more thoughts that are in your head, the less happy you are; regardless of what those thoughts are. So by reducing your thoughts you're improving your happiness

(sources: Martyn Newman, 2009; Fiona Smith, 2010f; Deirde Macken, 2010a; Peter Ker, 2015)


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