xii) Women Still Don't Get the Job

In the developed world, the way professional careers develop has changed, ie

"...a new economic reality: the spread of contingency work into professions that were once stable, the erosion of salaries and disappearance of benefits (including fixed work schedules), and the stunning increases in the cost of child care and housing......the financial cost to provide a good education to the next generation..."

Katherine Newman 2018

Despite all the sponsorship programs, etc still women don't get the job, especially senior management ones. There is an unconscious bias. For many males, it all seems too risky, ie she is not quite ready and we have this guy over here who is ready!!!!!

Need to have a whole executive management owning the diversity agenda. There is too much paying of "lip service" to the policies but a general lack of implementation
LGBTI = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (plus gender, ethnic/cultural, age/generational, disability, etc)

The answer is to find the right tools and incentives that work with the culture of the organisation. For example, there is a difference between the corporate and mid-tier organisations. The big corporates have a very structured approach, owing to their size. However, in smaller organisations, genuine leadership in this area is required, ie a leader who believes it is diversity and changes. The big structures and programs are too big and cumbersome for smaller organisations.

Three quarters of CEO appointments happened because the organisation is in a bit of strife. Thus all the "soft" stuff is sidelined until next time because they need somebody who could fix the situation immediately.

In Australia women are an increasing percentage in the non-executive director area of boards, eg in Australia 15 of the top 20 spots of the most influential ASX company directors are women (Patrick Durkin, 2015b)



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