ix) Motherhood Stereotypes

. There are 5 identified stereotypes of motherhood in Australia:

"...i) domestic divas: obsessed with achieving the perfect family lifestyle in the home and willing to pay for nannies and cleaners, so they are free to go to the gym and lunch with the girls. Role models include former radio personality Wendy Harmer and celebrity chef Nigella Lawson

ii) boomerang mums: returned to work shortly after the birth of each child. Their careers are an important part of their identity but they find it difficult to maintain a work/family balance. Role models include television personalities Johanna Griggs and Gretel Killeen

iii) yummy mummys: ladies who lunch but who have no interest in being perceived as perfect homemakers and consider their children part-time hobbies. Role models include model Elle MacPherson and former pop star Victoria Beckham

iv) mini-me mums: see their children as fashion accessories and believe that how their children look is a reflection of their parenting abilities. Role models include singer Marcia Hines and actress Goldie Hawn

v) rage brigade: disillusioned supermums who earn significantly more than their partner but feel trapped in a career and racked with guilt. Role models include actresses Nicole Kidman and Courtney Cox-Arquette..."

Rochelle Burbury, 2004

. Need to be careful of the social conditioning called stereotype threat, ie the performance of individuals in certain fields can be impacted by their knowledge of what is expected by the group to which they belong. The impact of stereotypes can encourage men and women to pursue traditional fields of activity, eg engineering for men and caring for women

Tipping point

. The number of women in a workplace has an impact on how an organization is run, managed and the kind of people employed. The tipping point is 20% women in an organization to break the "glass ceiling"; 40% helps morale and performance soar.


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