vi) Men Are Into Problem-Solving While Females Prefer Discussing The Problem

. Women prefer to talk through a problem rather than look for answers while men want to quickly provide answers and solve the problem. Remember: the average man's attention span is 9 minutes. Furthermore, women are better finishers than men. On the other hand, a woman's brain is organised for communications through talking.

. Men are not good at listening and empathizing

"...he thinks he is being caring and loving by solving her problems - she thinks he is indifferent or is trivializing her feelings by not listening..."

Alan Pease et al, 2002

. When men do talk, it is about the facts ‐ results, solutions or answers to questions ‐ or to trade information about things and processes, such as work, sport, cars and spatially-related things that include operating mechanical things, speed, angles and distances as required for hunting. Many men will rarely talk about personal matters

Males value accomplishments linked with aggression while females value relationships

. Women tend to value relationships while men value accomplishments. This is highlighted by the different way men and women do business. Generally,

"...Women want first to establish a personal relationship with a man before they proceed to business, by chatting on a variety of topics, often on quite a personal level, as a way of seeing what kind of person he is and whether he seems trustworthy. Men often completely misunderstand this approach. At worst, some think she might be coming onto him for sex; and nearly all assume she is asking for advice for the problems. They then feel justified in offering solutions, and telling her what she should do, think or say. Women resent this very much. She is likely to write-off the man as someone who won't listen and who is unlikely to take much notice of her if they do business together. She becomes more hesitant about dealing with him, leaving the man confused and business, a woman is easier to deal with if she forges a personal connection first. A woman needs to understand that a man is uneasy discussing personal information and likes first to get right down to business. When each side understands this, both are much more willing to compromise - which leads to a stronger business relationship in the long run..."

Alan Pease et al, 2002


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