v) Male And Female Brains Are Different

There are gender differences in the brain, eg

- size of brain (men have 4% more brain cells than women & about 100 grams more of brain tissue)

- the front and prefrontal cortex (controls much of our decision-making ability) is fatter in females

- there are differences in the limbic system (controls our emotional life and mediates some types of learning). It is larger in females than males.

- significant differences in the amygdale (controls the generation of emotions and the ability to remember them). It is much larger in males

- brain cells communicate via bio-chemicals, such as serotonin (key to regulating emotions and moods) which males synthesize over 50% faster than females.

Male's brains are mono-tracked while females is multi-tracked. The male brain is very focused or mono-tracked (compartmentalized and specialized), ie does one thing at a time, while females' brains are multi-tracked (multi-task performance), ie do more than one thing at a time. In fact, 96% of the world's technical experts or specialists are male, ie they are excellent at performing that one skill; while 96% of the world's personal assistants are women as they are better at multi-skilling.

. Women in business who deal with men need to

"...discuss one point at a time and stick to this point until men are happy......before moving to the next point..."Alan Pease et al, 2002


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