iv) More Comments On The Basic Gender Differences

. Male & female are different

. Males are into problem-solving while females prefer discussing the problem

. Males value accomplishments linked with aggression while females value relationships

. Females are more process-and detail-oriented than males

. Males have more hierarchical-based networks than females

. Females dislike the way males give advice

. Females are better able to read body language and indirect speech than males

. Females have better memories than males

. The male sense of direction is stronger than in females

. Time limits are less important for females than males

. Females are better users of emotions than males

. Females are better able to handle stress than males

. Females have greater emotional swings than males

. Females are better at handling conflict then men

. Males exaggerate differently from females

Historically males and females dress for different reasons

. Men have dressed to frighten away their enemies while women have dressed to attract. Today there are 2 basic types of dress codes for women: business and non-business dress

"...business clothing can give her an equal footing to compete with males and other females in the business hunting stakes and, secondly, enables her to outdo other women by displaying the success, power, importance and desirability of the wearer. The key to successful business dress is simple. How does the person you want to influence expect you to look?..."

Alan Pease et al, 2002

Women can escape from the scrutiny of what they wear by creating and wearing their own uniform that has many variations, ie different colours, different fabrics, etc. Like men, a lady is wearing the same thing every day and conforming to what they do.

. Females are less ambitious/competitive/confident than men in the work place

. Males favour acceptance in a group more than females

. Females and males have different reasons for friendship

. Thinking about sex, physical attractiveness and related matters

. Males are rewarded for being nice, while women get penalized for not being nice

. Females have a higher risk awareness than males

. Females tend to have a harder time handling criticism, ie more easily shaken by feedback


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