iv) More Comments On The Basic Gender Differences

. Male & female are different

. Males are into problem-solving while females prefer discussing the problem

. Males value accomplishments linked with aggression while females value relationships

. Females are more process-and detail-oriented than males

. Males have more hierarchical-based networks than females

. Females dislike the way males give advice

. Females are better able to read body language and indirect speech than males

. Females have better memories than males

. The male sense of direction is stronger than in females

. Time limits are less important for females than males

. Females are better users of emotions than males

. Females are better able to handle stress than males

. Females have greater emotional swings than males

. Females are better at handling conflict then men

. Males exaggerate differently from females

Historically males and females dress for different reasons

. Men have dressed to frighten away their enemies while women have dressed to attract. Today there are 2 basic types of dress codes for women: business and non-business dress

"...business clothing can give her an equal footing to compete with males and other females in the business hunting stakes and, secondly, enables her to outdo other women by displaying the success, power, importance and desirability of the wearer. The key to successful business dress is simple. How does the person you want to influence expect you to look?..."

Alan Pease et al, 2002

Women can escape from the scrutiny of what they wear by creating and wearing their own uniform that has many variations, ie different colours, different fabrics, etc. Like men, a lady is wearing the same thing every day and conforming to what they do.

. Females are less ambitious/competitive/confident than men in the work place

. Males favour acceptance in a group more than females

. Females and males have different reasons for friendship

. Thinking about sex, physical attractiveness and related matters

. Males are rewarded for being nice, while women get penalized for not being nice

. Females have a higher risk awareness than males

. Females tend to have a harder time handling criticism, ie more easily shaken by feedback

. Female friendships tend to endure longer than males'
"...if women have friends who move away, they will keep in touch on the phone or through social media, whereas men, it's a case of out of sight, out of mind......men have the capacity to form working relationships with anyone, whereas female friendships are much more targeted and specific and perhaps more demanding..."
Robin Dunbar as quoted by Nick Hardy 2020

A possible explanation of this is
"...Women in traditional hunter-gatherer societies move from their family grouping into men's family groups and needed to bond and mix with in-laws and extended family. They have to form close bonds with people who are not their own family..."
Robin Dunbar as quoted by Nick Hardy 2020

. Females and males can have different expectations
"...Men don't usually see you as a threat and that makes it easier to compete with them. Unlike many men, I do not feel like I have to be the smartest person in the room. I am comfortable asking questions and it's easier for them to share......there are challenges; people's expectations for a woman are much higher. And society expects you to be successful on all fronts. It's okay for a male leader to be not successful in their family but if a woman has problems in her personal life people say it's because of her career. There is a double standard; you have to prove yourself to everyone..."
Dian Siswarine as quoted by Emma Connors 2020

. Females prefer new words
Women are more likely to
"...introduce new constructions into a language. Before long......men tend to catch on..."
John McWhorter 2019

NB It has been claimed that there are 2 castes, ie male and female. Males have
"...better jobs, higher wages and greater chance to succeed than their female competitors..."
Simone de Beauvoir as quoted by Fatima Bhutto 2019

de Beauvoir further claims that women remain a vassal, ie a secondary position.
"...Humanity's very structure was built around man......as such it is men who define woman, not herself. She can only be seen in relation to him..."
Fatima Bhutto 2019

"...women are suspect and must work double as hard and need to be given a chance. She camouflages herself in order to compete, though she can never win in this disguise. Misogynists will flay women for 'letting themselves go' while simultaneously lecturing them to 'stop wearing make up and polishing your nails' if they want to be considered serious equals..."
Fatima Bhutto 2019

. Verbal tests (Alzheimer's disease)

As women are better than men in verbal tests (skills like recalling words and lists), Alzheimer's in women can go undiagnosed.

"...study suggests that women are more likely than men to develop Alzheimer's at any age. Scientists also know that a gene called APOE-4 seems to raise the risk more for women and men in certain age groups..."

Marilynn Marchione 2019

This is linked with a protein called "tau". It forms tangles that destroy nerve cells.
"...tau networks in women with mild impairment were more diffuse and spread out than in men, suggesting that more areas of the brain were affected..."
Marilynn Marchione 2019

In analysing genes it was found that 4 seemed to be related to the disease risk by sex
"...One confers risk in females and not males and three confer risk in more males than females......some of these look like they're tied to the immune system..."
Even Martin  & Brian Kunkle as quoted by Marilynn Marchione 2019

. Sugar usage

There are gender differences in how the brain uses sugar (main energy source).
"...women are able to sustain normal verbal performance longer, partly because of better brain metabolism..."
Marilynn Marchione 2019

. Group therapy

In group therapy there are marked differences between running sessions for women compared with men, ie
"...When I go into the waiting room to pick up the mothers, they are all grouped together, chatting, exchanging numbers, telling stories. Even before I bring them in, they have already started. But when I pick up the men, they are all sitting far apart, playing with their phones, rarely making eye contact......men's group cried more than any group I have ever ran...... just cried and cried and cried. Their sense of isolation was profound..."
Sean Grover as quoted by Emily Bobrow, 2016

. Language

Algorithms can accurately predict a person gender by analysing the language they use Facebook, ie
"...women post using warmer and more agreeable language than men: words like wonderful, happy, excited and thankful. Men posted with words like freedom, liberty, win, lose, enemy......on average, women use language......characteristic of compassion and politeness while men are more hostile and impersonal..."
AFR, 2016


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