ii) Traditional Gender Roles Are Changing

. Traditional gender roles are changing as shown by around 50% of women in the Western world being in paid work and an increasing number of families being headed by a single woman, etc. In these situations women are expected to be mother, father and provider. In

"...past generations, their roles were clearly defined. Man was head of the house. He was the principal breadwinner, his word was law and his area of decision-making was clear cut. He was the protector and provider. His wife was mother, housekeeper, social secretary and carer. He knew his responsibility and his wife knew hers..."

Alan Pease et al, 2002

Furthermore, especially in Western countries

"...women are now being educated and empowered to achieve more economically, politically and socially. But our culture still teaches women that when they assert themselves they are being pushy or obnoxious. Women who get angry when their goals are blocked are labelled bitchy or rude. If a man wants to have a good relationship with women, they have to be sensitive to the changing dimensions of power and control in the Western world..."

Dianne Coute, 2008a

"...If you ask why are women more involved in government employment and in-house corporate employment, the answer to that is that those employers offer more family-friendly work environments..."

Wayne Martin As quoted by Michael Pelly 2018


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