Five ways to bring your staff on-side re social media

There is an increasing number of people willing to share good and bad work experience on social media; this has doubled since 2012 to 2015. Research has shown that 66% of people will share negative work experiences with friends and colleagues; 34% will post information about the bad experiences online (Timna Jacks, 2015). As a result there is a need to get staff onside t0 post online praise rather than negatives. The 5 ways:

i) encourage social media use (this means lead by example by posting information about your organisation which staff are allowed to contribute to, share or comment on. Guide staff in the use of social media to advance the organisation's objectives plus their own work profile. 

ii) launched an internal social media platform (start an internal platform where staff can chat, collaborate and air opinions. Management needs to respond quickly to any staff complaints)

iii) respond to output on social media (most jobseekers agree that their perception of an organisation improves after seeing an executive respond to a review. if comments are negative, don't be defensive but respond to the issues being raised and if required follow-up when they are rectified. When reviews are positive, take the opportunity to provide deep insights to what was said and why it's important)

iv) create usable content for social media (when launching a new service or product, upload information so that staff can use it and share it on social media; ensure that good tools are available to send out positive messages to the market; create an online culture and online feel)

v) build trust with your staff (build a working environment that fosters trust and this will encourage your staff to portray a better image of your organisation online. Your social media policy should have clear guidelines about sharing confidential information, recommendations on how and when staff can speak on the behalf of the organisation, and legal considerations such as discrimination concerns. Never underestimate the power of staff authentically talking about their experiences within the organisation)


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