Skills for Digital Economy

1. Innovative and adaptive thinking (ability to think and come up with unusual, different, alternative solutions like using technology and design thinking to integrate new ideas into existing processes, systems and products)

2. Virtual collaboration and social intelligence (able to work/collaborate across boundaries/disciplines/geography/time zones/cultures/religions; social intelligence means

"...having the skills to develop deep and meaningful relationships with others, to collaborate, to sense and adapt our thinking styles, and mannerisms to align with that of others..."

Jaclyn Lee 2016

3. Ability to work across disciplines (understanding several disciplines, eg Elon Musk, who had built 4 multi-billion-dollar companies by his mid-40s, has expertise ranging from rocket science, engineering, physics, artificial intelligence to solar power and energy; uses multi-disciplinary teams to integrate concepts from different fields in order to spot trends and patterns that others miss)

4. Literacy in different types of media (as the world is being driven by social media, the ability to develop content using new and varied media platforms and leveraging these for persuasive communications is paramount)

5. Computational thinking and analytics (technological advances especially computer skills (big data, coding, etc), digitalisation, Internet, artificial intelligence, etc)


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