Some More Comments on Selling Techniques

In the 1950s the sales training model was based on the insurance industry and it was manipulative, fast talking, highly scripted and formulaic. It stressed selling product. As a result, many people have a negative perception of selling.

Another way of looking at selling is persuasion and selling is a human thing. An important part of selling is listening and understanding that it is a partnership.

"... if people would stop selling, that is showing, telling, demonstrating, talking, explaining -which are all traditional ways - and do more asking, listening, questioning, observing, discussing, we'd all be better off..."

Bob Miller as quoted by Fiona Smith, 2009u

Some research shows that most salespeople spend 80% of sales calls talking about themselves, and only 20% listening to customers.

According to Bob Miller (Fiona Smith, 2009u), Queen Elizabeth is a very good salesperson as she asks people questions. This is about showing genuine interest in another person's story. It is very engaging.

Remember: all customers want to buy but are too often "sold" to. Need to understand that selling is about enabling the buying process.

In most organisations, the first contact customers have with an organisation is the receptionist. Their attitude to customers is pivotal in developing good customer relationships. If the receptionist is welcoming and regards your relationship with the organisation as important, you will have a different perception of the organisation, compared with a receptionist who is unwelcoming in approach.

(source: Fiona Smith, 2009u)


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