xxxxxxvi) Traits Of Successful People

The importance of soft skills are also displayed in the 16 traits of the world's most successful people (Napoleon Hill as quoted in Business Insider, 2014)

i. definite aim in life (from time to time, a definite aim and action plan for achieving it may be modified)

ii. self-confident (self belief in their ability to achieve things)

iii. show initiative (go beyond accomplishing the norm)

iv. imaginative (use the creative power of imagination to achieve things)

v. active (turn knowledge into action)

vi. enthusiastic (have a passion for what they are doing)

vii. self-control (learn how to handle their and others' emotions)

viii. go beyond what is required (outperform their expectations)

ix. likeable (build an active network around them)

x. separate truth from bias (don't take things at face value)

xi. focused ( concentrate their energies and skills toward setting goals without becoming distracted by irrelevant issues)

xii. persistent (successfully handle the obstacles, setbacks, challenges, etc that inevitably occur)

xiii. resilient (understand that failure is an essential part of education and a stepping stone to success)

xiv. sympathetic (work in harmony with others; don't dominate)

xv. work hard (willing to put in the hours, ie do the hard yards)

xvi. empathetic (understand others and treat them the way they would like to be treated)

Some of the above traits of successful people can be summarised as willpower

"...willpower is like a muscle that becomes fatigued from overuse......people who succeed don't have more willpower...... they just develop better daily routines and habits, which after awhile become automatic and require less thought - less conscious energy..."
Roy Baumeister as quoted by Scott Pape, 2018

In other words, willpower is a limited resource.


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