xxxxxxi) Fear

Fear is part of our survival mechanism and is linked with our amygdala (part of the brain that controls fear, rage and reproductive drive). It provides the basis for resistance, ie reasons not to do something differently and to stay with status quo, etc. Conquering fear is learning to live with it and go ahead and do things; to accept feelings of insecurity and discomfort by doing things differently.

. The best work environments are allowed to be personalised by staff, ie decorated as they see fit. Research has shown (Fiona Smith, 2011k) that when this occurs, well-being and productivity lift by over 30% and stay there. Thus when managers start rearranging staffs' stuff and work environment, the results can be disastrous to productivity. Generally a "clean" environment with its absence of decoration and its cluster of tidy desks is not a good environment to work in.


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