xxxxxvii) Mindlessness

Need to be aware of the tendencies to mindlessness which involves becoming cognitive misers and tuning out, losing opportunities to become aware of other perspectives. It is better to cultivate mindfulness by using mental skill exercises including meditation and creative mental tasks so that more adept at managing many of the cognitive, emotional and behavioural disturbances that often impede our progress.

. Not understanding and accepting that you as an adult are the decision maker about your personal and professional life. Some habits, such as defensive routines (blaming others what happens, etc), work well as a child but shouldn't be carried into adult life where you should take responsibility for who you are and what you want to be. Remember:

" one can make you feel inferior without your consent..."

Eleanor Roosevelt as quoted by Martyn Newman, 2007

"...individuals can create their own unique lifestyle and are therefore responsible for their own personality and behaviour. They are creative actors rather than passive reactors..."

Alfred Alder as quoted by Martyn Newman, 2007

"...we can all find reasons to blame others for circumstances and even for your personalities, but in reality you never actually give away responsibility. The only thing you really give away is are still completely responsible but by giving up control you lose your ability to direct your life and lead effectively......responsibility, control and a sense of independence, or autonomy, go hand-in-hand......there is a powerful connection between the level of overall responsibility you accept and the level of personal emotional capital you are capable of building..."

Martyn Newman, 2007


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