Organisational Change Management Volume 1

Section 1 Introductory Comments - Objectives of Reference Material

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Explain the background to change management (including common management errors, trends, etc)

To look at the suitability of some frameworks used to handle organisational transition

To make explicit the ingredients in the framework required to achieve effective organisational transition, ie a road map to create a peak-performance, innovative, agile and robust organisation in a world of constant flux

To identify/explore some innovative and creative techniques that assist in successfully achieving organisational transition

To analyse you and your organisation's current capability in meeting the change challenge

To anticipate and overcome the most common challenges in the organisational transition process

To address/explore the challenge of implanting the change process permanently in your organisation's culture, such as behavioural changes

To highlight the importance of leadership, rather than management, in organisational transition

To identify the strategies available to facilitate empowerment and to reward others for follow-through on any change

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