xxxxxiii) Relationships

Not realizing the importance of relationship networks and interpersonal relationships. You need to treat these relationships as collaborative partnerships that embody a willingness to empower staff, who are treated and recognized as equals; recognize and endeavour to satisfy each other's wants and needs; the focus is on the commonalities rather than the differences in staff. The way you approach others largely determines how they respond to you. This is different from the traditional relationship models that are characterized as

- transactional (only valued for the tasks they must perform, ie staff are treated like commodities)

- paternal (similar relationship to caring parents and their children, where the former provide security and additional benefits, and the goal is control)

- adversarial (characterized by mistrust, tension and conflict, such as in a passive-aggressive form and "win- lose" situation).

. Not realizing that the hierarchical organisational model is based on differentiation by status. It focuses on the differences rather than similarities in the organisation. Hierarchy is based on 3 assumptions: stable environment, predictable processes and outputs, ie

" other words you know where you are, what you do and what will happen..."

Martyn Newman, 2007

Furthermore, power and authority is in the hands of a few people in the 'command and control' concepts of hierarchical organisations.

"...In the traditional model, intimidation and threats were established means for motivating performance. While command and control still remains influential, when power is in the hands of people, appeals to authority are less convincing..."

Martyn Newman, 2007

NB In most strong hierarchical organisations
"...any admission of doubt or display of indecision is interpreted as weakness..."

Michael Hodge as quoted by James Thomson 2019

Generally, the suitability of the hierarchical is increasingly eroded in the uncertain world environment we all operate in.


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