Informal Meetings

Managers not realizing the importance of the informal, one-on-one meetings, such as the corridor meetings, walking through the store/factory/branch, etc and chatting to staff, yarning over a cup of tea or coffee, etc. In these brief, informal, one-on-one meetings, management will learn more about what works and does not, and what is happening in the organisation than from hours of formal meetings in meeting rooms, written reports, etc.. So when you run into a staff member in the corridor/lift/car park, etc have a chat and ask how things are going; don't just say hello and move on.

"Bump factor"refers to informal meetings like discussions in staff cafe; the banter in the locker space; the collaboration in the open-plan office; at neighbouring desks; on stools in the kitchen; chance meetings in the office corridors, on streets, social occasions, etc.

"'s the hundreds of unplanned moments you might have each day when you bump into people and collaborate - it really strengthens the fabric of an organisation..."

Pip Marlow as quoted by Will Glasgow, 2013

Getting people to meet informally over food and drinks works better than all the reviews, funding and tax incentives. To be effective, it must be an organic approach; it cannot be imposed from above, eg senior management, etc or outside, eg government, bureaucracy, etc


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