xxxxviii) Manipulation

Need to be careful of using manipulation rather than motivation and persuasion. Manipulation refers to convincing someone to do something that they do not want to do while moderation and persuasion are more about helping people achieve things that they thought they could not.

. Need to understand that by frequently visualising something for yourself, you have more chance of becoming it than if you don't, ie

"...the thoughts and images that you repeatedly focus on have a remarkable way of becoming your reality..."

Martyn Newman, 2007

This is called self-belief that is linked with mastery (knowing the subject matter), modelling (seeing is believing), mentoring (listening to trusted advisers) and mood (if it feels good, do it). In other words,

"...model yourself on leaders you admire, identify your signature strengths by listening to trusted positive mood by practising right-thinking..."

Martyn Newman, 2007


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