Not realising the damaging impact when gossiping gets out of control or is unleashed overwhelmingly against an individual (Fiona Curruthers, 2005; Brad Hatch, 2006c). When we are told something, the majority of us will immediately look to confirm the information. This is associated with confirmation bias (see above point). Furthermore, the office psychopaths use gossip to undermine people, ie anything that is harmful to others' careers, such as suggestions that they are not performing, leaving the organisation, having an affair. On the other hand, gossiping, if used correctly, can be very positive, ie a means of communicating a message, quickly and clearly. If used negatively, excessive gossiping is called "mobbing"

The rumour mill can be a good barometer of employees' morale. People talk about things that are important to them. It is unwise to ignore rumours but it is best to ignore the rumour-mongers. The most effective way to handle gossip and rumours is with management transparency.

. Need to realise that the greatest flexibility and choice in the change process is at the start. At the beginning of any change process, maximum flexibility on possible ways of implementing the change process is available. As time progresses in the change process, choice is narrowed down


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