xxxxv) Humour

Underestimating the importance of humour, ie people like working with others who have a sense of humour. Humour

"...can break down jealously guarded turf boundaries. It can foster an esprit de corps throughout the company and greater camaraderie on teams. It can start the conversations that spark innovation and increase the likelihood that unpleasant tasks will be accomplished. It can help convey important corporate messages to employees in memorable ways. It can relieve stress..."

Katherine Hudson, 2001

"'s not just clowning around and having fun; it has meaningful impact on cohesiveness in the workplace and communication quality amongst workers. The ability to appreciate humour, the ability to laugh and make other people laugh actually has psychological effects on the body that cause people to become more bonded..."

Chris Roberts as quoted by Fiona Smith, 2009r

No allowing the organisation to become a humour-confident organisation


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