xxxxiv) Human Biorhythms

Remember: the human biorhythms are relatively fixed (Lyndall Crisp, 2008). Staying up too late or waking up too early can cause problems with our biorhythms. Generally we are programmed to get our best sleep between 10:30 pm and midnight; if we go to sleep after those times, you are not getting the quality of the sleep, ie delta or deep sleep, that we need. In deep sleep the body is rebuilding itself and fighting off the "baddies", ie free radicals, cancer cells, etc. Furthermore, it is important to relax or wind down around one hour before going to bed in the evening.

. Need to understand that when people are put under pressure, usually of time, they tend to make certain predictable mistakes, eg focus on regularly available information and the immediate future, instead of digging deeper into the topic and looking more long-term .


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