xiv) Gender Differences

Not identifying, recognising and appreciating gender differences, with the male and female brains being hardwired for different functions and priorities, ie males are basically hunters while females are carers. Furthermore, the usual communication mode of male and female is the most obvious difference. Some of the general differences include

- males have better spatial ability, ie geometry, map reading, etc while females have better visual memories

- males are more focussed than females on problem-solving

- males want to get on with "doing something" to solve the problem, while females are more inclined to "talk through the problem"

- males are less emotional than females

- females are more into relationship building, while males value accomplishments

- females are better finishers than males

- females are multi-tracked while males are mono-tracked

- females are more focused on detail than males

- females are more inclined to use indirect speech than males, etc

On the other hand, there is a need to realise that many of these "gender-based" differences are learnable behaviours that are not just specific to one gender.


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