xi) Concentrate On Your Strengths Rather Than Weaknesses

One way to handle this is to concentrate on your strengths rather than weaknesses. On the other hand, you need to be careful that you don't take a strength too far, ie over-use it (Robert Kaplan et al, 2009), as this can be counterproductive and can impact negatively on performance and productivity. For example, you may be very assertive which in some situations can have a negative impact.

Check to see that you are not over-using a strength by asking colleagues, managers, direct reports, family, friends and others who know you well to describe the times they have seen you at your best. Furthermore, 3 questions may help clarify the situation, ie

- what should I do more?

- what should I do less?

- what should I continue doing?

Thus you need to manage strengths so that they do not become weaknesses!!!!!

For example, the Type A person who has high energy levels, is very intelligent, ambitious and competitive, can become obsessive, ie their consuming passion, such as work, takes over their life.

(source: Emma Connors, 2010a).


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