iii) Interesting Quotes

"...Effort can trump ability and conventions are made to be challenged..."

Malcolm Gladwell, (2013)

"...Being an underdog and misfit can give you freedom to try things never dreamt of..."

Malcolm Gladwell, (2013)

You need to be careful of HPPO = Highest Paid Person's Opinion. Sometimes their opinions are given unfair acceptance

Some good advice
"...you have those days when things can go wrong, so the relevant question is: 'what are the things that I can control?' I can control my mindset, I can control how I approach my time, I can control my preparation.......I think there are always opportunities, pathways that present themselves. I am a big believer in being brave and taking these choices. You have to have the drive and determination, you have to set goals. The last thing you want to do is to live to regret it......it's the lost opportunities that you regret......when it comes to performance......it involves an element of luck. Things have to fall the right way. You can't control all the elements and you can't control what other people do..."
Zali Steggall (Olympic medallist, barrister, politician & mother) as quoted by Andrew Clark 2019


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