xv) Demographic Changes

Not understanding and utilizing the demographic changes, such as ageing population and low population growth in Australia. With the declining number of young people starting work for the first time, there is a need to retain potential retirees. In Australia

"...In the next four years, 17 percent of the workforce will be older than 55 and that proportion will continue to grow..."

Fiona Smith, 2008a

In addition, there is increasing employment demand, ie

"...18% in the construction industry, 13% in the accommodation, cafe and restaurant industry and 12 % in the wholesale industry..."

Fiona Smith, 2008a

Therefore we need to redefine what work looks like, ie

"...the stigma around part-time work not equating a career or a promotion, or part-time workers not being valued as full-time workers has to change, and employers are going to have to create more part-time roles as career roles......these include flexible work options such as part-time work, consultancy and working from home, as well as extended leave for around the world trips, to spend time with family or attend seminars on financial planning. Retirees are also lured back as mentors..."

Fiona Smith, 2008a

. Need to build a corporate community. According to Goffee (2008), this involves the building of sociability and solidarity. Sociability involves increasing social interaction, reducing formality, limiting hierarchical differences, recruiting compatible people, helping those who are in trouble, encouraging the sharing of ideas, emotions and interests. Solidarity involves developing competitor awareness, creating a sense of urgency, giving commitment to objectives, targets, goals, etc, stimulating the will to win, setting demanding standards, focussing on performance, moving people around and celebrating success.


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