xii) Importance Of Former Employees

Underestimating the importance of former employees - whether retirees or those who have left and joined another organisation - having positive feelings about the organisation. They are valuable resource that can offer great value to the organisations, such as the retirees becoming mentors and/or providing back up expertise based on their experience with the organisation, etc. Ex-employees who have joined other organisations, can provide a referral network, resulting in the new organisation becoming a client and/or referring their clients to your organisation. Furthermore, at a later stage they may return to be employed by your organisation. It is important to keep communications open with former employees, whether social or work-related, so that they still feel part of the organisation. Ways to do this include starting an alumni that meets regularly and/or has a newsletter to keep people informed of what is happening in the organisation and with ex-employees, etc.

. Not realising the importance of helping staff prepare for career and life changes ‐ organisations should establish continual learning resources so that staff can develop knowledge, skills and interests that serve their personal and professional development needs (more than just their performance in a current position).


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