viii) Importance Of Empathy, Jealousy, Envy, Etc

Not understanding the importance of empathy. Empathy is not sympathy. Sympathy refers to way you feel about someone else's misfortune, whereas empathy shows that you understand how the person feels. This means that you can see the world from another person's point of view, ie put yourself in the shoes of others. This involves 2 dimensions, ie cognitive and emotional:

"...cognitive dimension ‐ understanding the task that other people must perform - and emotional dimension ‐ acknowledging the humanity of others by knowing your stakeholders as people and recognizing and validating their emotional experiences......This is known as a shared state. By sharing someone's experience, you establish the common ground essential to build rapport and achieve things effectively with other people. It's the emotional glue that creates personal connections, establishes trust and relationship loyalty, and builds emotional capital......the second dimension of empathy is more emotive. It involves treating people as human beings by validating their engage in this dimension of put you self in the other persons place by asking questions such as, 'what are this person's skills, knowledge, an area of expertise?, or to his nominal and actual roles in the organisations?, what are her foremost job-related worries? or what are her most important worries off the job. In other words, take time to consider other relationships in the person's business life, and, when relevant, his or her personal life. This can help you understand the pressures, prospects and risks he or she faces and the goals he or she is trying to achieve..."

Martyn Newman, 2007

Furthermore, empathy is a constructive way to handle resistance.


" the psychological level people have two essential needs: to be understood and to be admired; however, the most fundamental need is to be understood. In other words, if you can communicate that you understand another person's experience you will build a valuable connection and he or she will work well for you, buy from you..."

Martyn Newman, 2007

When people are on the same wavelength emotionally, this is sometimes preferred to as "synchronous vibration"

. Need to understand the importance of emotions in change. For example, jealousy
" is a potent means of the assertion of individual rights and the encouragement of corporation and equitable treatment..."
Peter Tooley as quoted by Diane Johnson, 2015

It is different to envy, ie

"...envy concerns what you would like to have but don't possess, whereas jealousy concerns what you have and do not wish to lose..."

Peter Van Sommers as quoted by Diane Johnson, 2015

Also, jealousy is more often associated with violence.

It is an integral part of normal human behaviour arising from an individual's fear of being excluded; fear of exclusion can prompt us to devise forms of cooperation and growth. People who are excluded from groups more and act upon it is. Jealousy is believed to be an innate survival mechanism and can arise from the fundamental disappointment linked with the realisation that life is unfair.



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