Some Important Criteria For Recruitment &/Or Promotion

- *motivation and work ethic

- *ability to fit organisational culture

- *intellectual capacity to handle the position

- *ability to gain respect of clients and staff (including likeability)

- knowledge of the industry and organisation

- expertise (skills) to handle the position

(NB * indicates the most important criteria of the 6)

Remember: in recruitment, ie hire for tomorrow, not today

According to Mark Granoveter (1995), over 50% jobs are obtained via personal connection and not necessarily with a close friend. Many people believe that the closer an acquaintance the more helpful they will be. On the other hand, it has been shown that the more casual the acquaintance, the better the help. These casual acquaintances have different connections to you than your close friends and can be more objective in their evaluation of you. As well as improving your appointability, being referred to a role as many pluses for an employer, ie saves costs, reduces the need for reference checks, gives credibility, etc.


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