ix) Retention Of Talent

It is an important part of succession planning

How to nurture talent:

"...1. Retention - rather than putting your faith in poaching competitors, you need to defend the employees you already have. What high-potential employees want is autonomy, mastery and purpose. They don't want to be overmanaged, they want the opportunity to grow and learn, and they want to know their work is making a difference.

2. Potential - assess the potential of senior leaders so that you have an accurate guide to your rising stars

3. Development - develop them through the use of job rotation......senior executives asked what had most help unleash their potential, their answer was stretch assignments and job rotations..."

Claudio Fernandez-Araoz as quoted by Fiona Smith (2015/2016a)

When looking at potential for talent you need to understand change's impact on jobs (see diagram below)



(source: Karen Ball, 2020)

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